My wife, Danielle Oron, is so proud of “My daddy initiation”. I tried to play it off like it was nothing. Here’s what went down:

I was sitting in the rear seat of our newly purchased family vehicle with our 6-week-old daughter while Danielle was at the doctor. All was going smoothly for about 20 minutes as our happy baby was being her happy self. She started to get a little fussy so I went to checkbox one: hunger. I began feeding her and felt a little dampness on her butt. I thought, “Must just be a warm baby after being out in this hot Atlanta weather.” Another 15 seconds passed and I couldn’t lie to myself any longer, so I wrenched my head around the front of little Zoe’s body, and saw a patch of wetness on her hip/thigh area.

It can wait til we get home. A diaper change in a car? That’s for seasoned, confident parents – I am neither. Looked for wipes, couldn’t find any. I am not cleaning a soak-through without wipes! I just can’t! Some would call it impossible. But the call I got at that moment – my wife checking in on me – saved the day. She told me the location of said wipes, I got out of the vehicle, laid out the diaper change mat on the back seat, cracked my neck, and kicked some major baby butt.

Those plastic bags came in handy: one for the dirty clothes, and one for the poop-infested trashables. It was getting warm as I cleaned my daughter haphazardly (I may have used a wipe on my forehead). I surprised myself when I went for the full change, and although I had real trouble getting on that one-piece with the seemingly endless amount of clasps, moments later, father and daughter were holding each other’s sweaty bodies, ready to get the next call from mama.